Lady Gaga Looks Like a Totally Different Person in Shocking Makeup-Free Pic (PHOTO)

lady gagaLady Gaga recently posted a photo of herself sans makeup to her blog, and unlike most celebrity "makeup-free" selfies, it appears Gaga truly isn't wearing a stitch of makeup. The "Born This Way" singer showed off her alabaster skin and black hair while wearing an off-the-shoulder t-shirt. In all honesty, it took me a minute to even realize who it was in the photo. Gaga, chameleon that she is, looks nothing like herself in the pic. She actually looks more like ... Courtney Love.


I'm not alone here, right? This really doesn't look like Lady Gaga at all. Talk about having the ability to change your look. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that we saw Gaga stripped down to nothing, looking (kind of) au naturel in V Magazine? It's amazing that this is the same person. But anyway. I'd like to discuss something else here briefly: Lady Gaga's eyebrows.

If you're wondering why Gaga looks "weird" in her latest selfie, and still not quite like somebody you'd pass on the street, it's because, while her hair is black, her brows are still bleach blonde. It's not a look most go for, because, typically, your eyebrows look better a shade or two darker than your hair. True story.

So, if you felt like something was off with Gaga's selfie, but couldn't quite put your fingie on it, you're welcome. It was her brows. And if you feel like changing your own look in the ever-so-slightest way, try dyeing your brows. It's easy; it's cheap; and it'll have people saying, "Something is different about you, but I'm not quite sure what."

Have you ever dyed your eyebrows?


Image via Little Monsters

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