Jennifer Aniston Goes Braless Again -- Which She Should While She Still Can (PHOTO)

Jennifer AnistonSurprise, surprise. Jennifer Aniston forgot to wear a bra on the set of her new movie that's being filmed in New York City, putting her "girls" on display for the world to see just in case we didn't get a good look at them the first 100 times.

Seriously, I don't know what exactly she has against bras, but she really seems to prefer letting it all hang out -- considering how many times she's gone without one in the past.

And whether or not her braless look this time around was for a movie role is beside the point. Because in all honestly, she should probably go ahead and rock this look while she still has the luxury of doing so.

Let me explain.


Back in the day, meaning before my body went through pregnancy and a very brief round of breastfeeding -- I had no problem forgoing a bra either. At all.

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I'm a smaller-boobed gal, and since they were so perky before a tiny human took over my body, it never bothered me in the least to wear things that showed them off a bit more.

But now that I'm almost 36 and have done the whole kid thing? My bra is my security blanket. The minute I remove it, I instantly feel uncomfortable and embarrassed -- because apparently my boobs have a hidden magnet inside of them that is directly attracted to the floor.

And that's why I only take off my bra when I'm about to go to bed, and even then, most of the pajamas I wear have some sort of padding going on so I'm not totally hanging out there.

Jen may or may not ever have a baby, but now that she's marrying Justin Theroux and settling down again, getting pregnant is a definite possibility. But once that happens, she's going to have to rekindle her friendship with her bra, so now is the perfect time to give her girls one last hoorah in the fresh air while she still has the chance.

Go for it, Jen. I would too if only my boobs didn't resemble those of a 90-year-old woman.

Do you ever go braless?


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