Tampon Earrings: Brilliant Statement or Totally Ridiculous? (VIDEO)

melissa harris-perry tampon earringsEver since women's tampons were confiscated in the midst of the state's abortion law protests, it's been hard not to wag our tongues or roll our eyes about the Texas State Troopers' move to apparently protect lawmakers from having feminine hygiene products hurled at them. Plenty of jokes have been made about the strange incident, but most recently, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry decided to draw attention to it by wearing tampon earrings on her Sunday morning news show ...

She explained that her producer had made them for her and said that women standing up for their own reproductive rights weren't allowed to bring tampons in, so "in case that ever happens again, ladies, you can just bring them on your earrings." Ha!


Okay, so maybe it wasn't the highest-brow way to criticize what happened down there a couple of weeks back in the Lone Star State, but those hygienic accessories certainly got people talking! And that, I'm sure, was fully Harris-Perry's intention ... That seeing how totally ridiculous those earrings are would make us think just how wacky and insane it was for tampons to be taken away from women in the first place.

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Sure, anyone thinking they could actually effect change by launching tampons at a lawmaker isn't going about their protest in the right way. But how many women were actually planning on using their tampons as a weapon?! And come on -- even if they were, was it really so much of a threat that the troopers had to start pilfering through their bags? It was simply nuts and only serves to underline how out of control, backasswards things have gotten in this war on women Texas constituents never even asked for politicians to wage.

For calling our attention to the ludicrousness of it all, those tampon earrings totally did their job!

Here's the clip if you missed it ...


What do you think about Melissa Harris-Perry's tampon earrings stunt?


Image via MSNBC

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