Kate Middleton Pays Sweet Tribute to Princess Diana in Her First Appearance With Royal Baby (PHOTO)

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Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Kate Middleton and Prince WilliamWill and Kate may not be able to name the baby after Princess Diana (it's a boy, afterall!) -- but Kate paid such a sweet and subtle tribute to Will's mum today when she stepped out holding her newborn son. Just look at them. Aside from the huge smiles on their face ... what do you notice?

Don't think, for even a second, Kate's dress of choice wasn't thought about -- over and over and over again. This similarity is in no way a coincindence, and I love it! Both sporting free-flowing polka dot dresses.

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The images may be 31 years apart -- but the side-by-side says so much.

The Royal Family is all about tradition, and Kate's choice of dress was the perfect (and sweetest!) touch to this very exciting day. The best part? Not only did Kate and Diana wear similar dresses, they both have that unmistakeable new-mom grin!


Image via Chris Jackson/ Getty Images, Splash News

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p31lady p31lady

So sweet!  I love all of the traditions that they have!  I wouldn't consider the polka dots a tradition but it was still really touching to see the nod to Diana during all of this!! :)

tcfla tcfla

Polka dots are considered good luck over there, it is common for new moms to wear polka dots

Hello07 Hello07

Same blanket as well.

Terrie Morgan

They most certainly could name that baby after princess Diana.......her maiden name is "spencer"...and that's a beautiful boys name!!! :)

nonmember avatar pamela

was truly beautiful.......

Jayme Peters

They also share one more similarity! Remember the blue diamond ring Will gave Kate for their engagement? The ring was also Diana's.

Millie Woolwine

And the blankets that the babies are wrapped in are identical!

Vanessa A Hettinger

Love it all makes me tiery eyed so so beautiful <3 Princess Diana what a precious bundle of joy Congradulations William and Kate <3


Pati Beardsley

How sweet. But knowing what we know about Charles and his dalliances even back in 1982, it is super-offensive to see this picture of him and Diana. His body language says, Here is my prize! PFFFFTtt on my Wife, though.. She did her "job".

JennP... JennPearce

What a beautiful couple & a nice tribute to Princess Di! :)

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