8 Beautiful, Natural Nail Polishes Without the Worst Chemicals

Vapour nail polishI confess to being something of a hypocrite: I try to eat healthy, buy as much organic food as I can, and sort of share Gwyneth Paltrow's view on crack vs. canned cheese (kidding! sort of) ... and yet I regularly rub chemicals onto my face and into my hair, all in the name of beauty! I'm not willing to give up ALL my favorite products, but I'm starting to want to explore more of the natural options out there, because there really are SO many.

I was amazed to find there are a ton of nail polish brands that don't use the main chemicals that are said to be carcinogens. Many nail polishes these days are "3-Free" (meaning no dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or formaldehyde), but others go beyond that to be "5-Free" (meaning none of the first three, plus no formaldehyde resin or camphor), and still others are even more non-toxic than that. Here are some of the prettiest options!

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