Rihanna's Hideous Leopard-Print Jumpsuit Will Hurt Your Eyes if You Dare Look (PHOTO)

RihannaUhhhhhh, can someone please explain what on earth was going on with Rihanna wearing a red, animal-print jumpsuit in London over the weekend?

I'm not sure where she picked up this little number, but I'm assuming she must have gotten the mother of all sales pitches when she decided to go ahead and purchase this thing.

Let's be blunt about this -- it's absolutely hideous. And even though she has an amazing body and can pull off wearing just about anything, she really missed the mark on this one. (Although it does fit her perfectly.)


And now it's tough not to wonder if she somehow managed to find a time machine and traveled back to the 1980s and stole the suit right out of Jane Fonda's closet. (At least she didn't take her leg warmers though.)

That's what this is, right? Some sort of fancy-schmancy workout gear?

Oh, and one more thing -- considering she was in London when the photo was taken, you'd think she would've dressed a little classier, being that things over there are a bit more on the prim and proper side. Would you really expect to see someone strolling the streets of that city in an outfit like this?!? (Not unless it's Rihanna, apparently.)

If RiRi was hoping to turn heads and get some attention with this look, then she more than achieved her mission. But let's hope this little getup doesn't make a second appearance any time soon. (Unless she travels back in time again.)

What do you think of Rihanna's jumpsuit?


Image via Splash

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