Are You Wearing the Wrong Color for Your Skin Tone? Here's How to Find Out

closetOnce I was speaking with a friend about what colors look best on us and she just blurted out: "Burgundy looks horrible on you." Sure it was after a glass of wine and we were being brutally honest (I did agree that green wasn't her color). But hearing the words "horrible on you" kind of stung especially since I own quite a few burgundy colored clothes. Now if she said yellow or pink, I would have most definitely agreed. But burgundy?

There is such a thing as a wearing the wrong color. I know this every time I accidentally buy a lipstick with too much red and not enough berry. It's the same kind of feeling I get when I put on something a little too complicated or sporty -- I'm more of a bohemian style kind of girl. In order to avoid wearing a color that doesn't work for you, you can take a quiz.


Generally warm skin tones tend to look good in peach, gold, peachy pinks, orange, corals, or reds with orange tones. Warm skin tends to tan easily.

Cool skin tones burn more easily. Those with cool skin look best in blue, blue greens, purples, and blueish reds.

Confused? Take this skin tone quiz to see which skin tone you have and some color ideas.

I think a lot depends on your personal style as well. I know some women who would wear a dress with a busy print and others who would never have one in their closet. As with anything, if you wear it with confidence, you will wear it well. Now about that burgundy on me ... my confidence was kind of killed once "horrible" was muttered. Oh well, there's always black.

Do you have colors that you would never wear?


Image via Maegan Tintari/Flickr

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