Stretchiest Jeans Claim to Make You Look Skinnier

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photo ready jeansFinding the perfect pair of jeans isn't always easy. It could take countless hours plus years in terribly lit fitting rooms to find something you think you look halfway decent in, only to see a photo of yourself in said jeans and realize you have been lying to yourself. Or rather, your jeans were lying to you, giving you this false sense of security that you did indeed look awesome when that was not the case at all.

Jeans are evil. But wonderful when you really find the perfect pair. J Brand, a brand I do really love if I didn't have to pay the price, is essentially letting you know that those other jeans are just wasting your time. If you want to look thinner, they have the answer -- Photo Ready Jeans. Smile! The stretchiest, tightest jeans ever will tuck it all in just right and you won't look so sausage-y. Really? The model looks good (of course), but what does the butt look like. Oh ...

jeansNow that's a good-looking butt. And thighs. And no muffin top. But this model is skinny already. What business does she have putting on some jeans that claim to make her look skinny??

To that, I will say this ... we don't know what she looks like naked. Perhaps these jeans really give her the best representation of her lower half. Kind of like in the way some self-tanner helps. Or Spanx. Maybe they really are working!

J Brand's Photo Ready jeans come in sizes 23 to 32 though. So yeah, not really much of a range there and WOW are there actually women who wear a 23? But they are said to be extremely stretchy jeans and maintain their elasticity and don't feel so tight you cannot breathe. The cotton, polyester, Lycra blend will lift and smooth, and it's cheaper than lipo even though J Brand sells them at prices starting at $202. Ouch.

That first pair on left ... looks dip-dyed -- it has a darker hem than the rest of the jean. I'm in love! I hate my calves and feel like these would make them look thinner. See? I've totally bought into the marketing. I do believe the right pair of jeans for you could make you look slimmer. Now if only I had $231 to spare.

What do you think of these jeans?


Image via J Brand

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Rando... Randomlady

It's sort of like spandex that looks like jeans. On a larger woman it will do nothing but accentuate how large they are, especially their calves. Not sure this is a good look for sizes 23-32...or even 2 for that matter.

Fondue Fondue

Randomlady,  23-32 usually refer to the waist measurement, not the actual "size."  I believe a 24 would be equivalent to a size 2 in a dress size.

BGarcel BGarcel

They kinda look like jeggings. There's nothing wrong with jeggins, but if I wanted jeans that look like jeggings I would just spend less and get some.

More to the point though, for 200+ dollars I hope women wait for the company to come out with photos of non-skiiny women wearing them before they buy them.

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