5 Beauty 'Treatments' You Can Get for Free at the Beach

beach beauty

What's better than a day at the beach? Oh, I know, a day at the beach where you get all sorts of free beauty treatments and you leave looking more gorgeous than ever?

No, there isn't some sort of special going on at a beach in my area. Every beach offers free beauty treatments every single time you go. It's true. And I realize I'm being cryptic right now, so let me just explain what I'm talking about. Here are 5 free beauty treatments you can get while at the beach.


1. Exfoliate with the sand. No need to shell out the cash for a pedicure when you have sand -- nature's exfoliant -- to smooth your hooves. When you're laying out in the sun, dig your feet into the sand and rub together, sloughing off dead skin (works on hands, too). Your piggies will emerge feeling softer than ever. (I don't suggest doing this after a pedicure, though. It will chip and dull polish.)

2. Make your own "beachy waves" spray. Years ago, I read somewhere that Chris McMillian, Jennifer Aniston's hairstylist, takes a few spray bottles with him whenever he goes to the beach and fills them with ocean water while he's there. He does it because nothing can give you beachy waves quite like, well, the beach. Pack a 99-cent spray bottle with you on your next trip, fill with seawater, and boom. Sexy, messy waves are yours any time you want.


3. Deep condition. The beach doesn't have to fry your hair, what with all the salt water and blazing sunshine. In fact, you can use these things to your advantage. After getting out of the water, slather hair with a good coat of conditioner, pin hair into a bun, and let the sun bake the moisture into your hair.

4. Put self tanner on after you leave the beach. Since we're all super diligent about sunscreen (right?), we don't necessarily leave the beach looking tanned and bronzed. If you want a glow, before leaving, and after rinsing off in one of those outdoor shower thingies, swipe a layer of self tanner onto your face. By the time you get home, you'll have a sexy tan going on -- sans the wrinkles and skin cancer.

5. Clear your skin. I'm not a dermatologist, but it's common sense that ocean water is drying -- and in turn can help clear up oily, problematic skin (help). If you have a blemish, go ahead, dunk your head underwater. You may need to moisturize a little more later on, but that nasty zit will probably be a bit smaller in size.

Do you have any beach beauty tips?


Image via Vincent Boiteau/Flickr

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