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35 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles That Are Easy to Do

easy braided hairstyles

Hands down, braids have to be the most versatile of hairdos! They can be worn up, down, or on the side and can go fancy or informal. Not to mention that every hair type can benefit from a braid. Plus, they're generally easy to do, and they look good even when they're messy (see: a zillion celebrities). It's safe to say that no one can go wrong with saving a bad hair day with a pretty braid. Say no more, right? 

Braids are perfect because a big one can be the entire hairstyle and get all the hair off our neck, or a small one can just be a nice little accent. Plus, braids are perfect for second day hair (or third, because let's get real, we're really busy), or basically whenever we just don't have time to wash or heat-style our manes. But for those who already have a go-to style of braid, they might be growing tired of it.  

It makes sense that folks might want to have a few braid styles in their lexicon, right? We definitely think so. 

For those of us who are stuck in a rut over French braiding, here are 35 braid styles that are easy to give a try, no crazy braiding skills necessary. We also made sure to include looks for a variety of hair types and lengths. Enjoy a new 'do in no time!

easy braided hairstyles

1Down-the-Middle French Braid

A simple French braid down the middle and into a ponytail is such a cute look. It's a fun way to switch it up for people who love a good half-up hairstyle. 

3Four Tiny Loose Braids

This bohemian hairstyle uses two tiny braids toward the front of a wavy hairdo and two more slightly thicker braids being that. The full tutorial, as well as MANY other braided hairstyles, can be found on Lyss Ryan's YouTube channel

4Zipper Braid

The zipper braid is one of the latest braided hair trends. It looks amazing! And although it may appear complicated, it's totally possible to achieve with this tutorial by Nina Stark

5Two Half-Up Side Braids

This whimsical braided hairstyle is so pretty. Just take two loose braids from the sides of the head and pull them back to form one center braid. 

6Upside Down Braided Space Buns

Space buns are already a fun look, but they can be made even more interesting with upside down braids. These ones are neat, tight, and perfect. 

7Half-Up Fishtail Braid With a Ribbon

A half-up fishtail braid or any kind of braid can be made even cuter with a fun ribbon tied around it. We love this trendy polkadot ribbon! 

9Half-Up Braided Back Topknot

A topknot can be easily spiced up with a front braid. This half-up look uses a French braid, pulled into a messy topknot. 

10Glitter Space Buns With a Braided Part

Use a skinny braid as a middle part for buns or even ponytails. And the glitter added to this look is a fun touch! Very on trend right now. 

11Two Low French Braid Ponytails

One of the styles in this Missy Sue YouTube video is this adorable low ponytail style. It just takes two French braids that end on the scalp to form two low ponytails, with a chunk of hair wrapped around them to hide the rubber bands. 

12Four Small Braids Pulled Back

This tutorial by Roxxsaurus shows how simple and quick this braided hairstyle is. It really just involves making two small braids on each side of the head and pulling all four to the back and rubber banding them together. 

13Braided Headband

This fun hairstyle just involves one braid done with a side piece of hair, wrapped around the head to the other side, and bobby pinned down. It can be as thick or thin as one desires.  

14Three Braided Buns

This look is created by making three loose braids in the back and simply rolling them up into buns. Check out the full tutorial on Malibu's YouTube channel

15Low Mini Bun Braids

This Instagram user explained her cute braided hairstyle: 

"This is a simple double dutch braid style pulled apart a bit to look thicker (she has super thin/fine hair so I almost always pull her braids to loosen them, plus I like the looser look better anyways) with the ends just rolled up into two little flower buns and pinned with a bobby pin."

April Daniels Hussar

17Messy Side Braid Bun

That's me! In one of my favorite summer hair-dos. I just start with a side French braid, and then bundle it all into a bun on the other side. Since my hair is pretty thin (thanks, Mom!) I only need a few bobby pins to keep it in place. 


18Messy Yet Glam Ponytail Braid

Such a step above a regular old ponytail, but really not that much harder to create.

20Classic French Braid (With a Twist)

A classic French braid is a really pretty, beachy summery look. This one is oriented to one side, which is easy to do -- just build the braid using an off-center line rather than down the center back of the head. Add some spice to it with a colored hair extension or a little dip-dye!

24Little Braid + Ponytail

Another easy-peasy twist on the ponytail.


25Upside Down Braid Bun

Whoa. This one is SO pretty and different. I can't wait to try it!


26Half-Up Loose Fishtail Braid

Celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa has a plethora of amazing braid styles on her Instagram. This one is so pretty! Here's a great Easy Fishtail Braid Tutorial for some pointers. By the way, Sarah created that pretty, wavy hair with a tool she invented, a rotating curling iron called The Beachwaver ($199, ulta.com).


27Dutch Fishtail Braid

A Dutch fishtail is also known as an "inverse" fishtail, which sounds really hard to do, but check out this easy-to-follow Dutch Fishtail Braid Tutorial! The key to the whole look is loosening it up at the end.

28Stacked Topsy-Tail Braid

The Topsy-say-what-now?! Melissa Cook of Latest-Hairstyles.com explains:

"This 'braid' is the perfect way to change up your typical French braid because it looks so intricate and detailed. The best part is that it isn’t actually a braid at all! This style is made by creating a bunch of topsy tails stacked on top of one another. The final look is created by gently pulling everything loose to create voluminous, romantic twists that are perfect for any occasion."

Cool, right? Check out Melissa's Topsy Tail Braid Tutorial for all the details.

30The Rope Braid

Allan Ruiz, Aveda global artistic director for hair styling, created this sleek, strong look for the Public School runway show. Once the ponytail is set, wrap a section of hair around it at the base. Then, it's just a matter of dividing it into two sections and tightly twisting both sections in a clockwise manner, then securing it at the bottom of the ponytail. Allan used Aveda Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Creme ($26, aveda.com) to prep hair before the ponytail, and then after to tame flyaways. Check out a bunch more photos, including ones that illustrate the step-by-step process, at this Aveda Flickr set!

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