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10 Gorgeous Braid Styles You Can Easily Do Yourself (PHOTOS)

braid bunBraids are great for summer hair. They're generally pretty easy to do, they look good when they're messy (see: a zillion celebrities), and they keep you cool as a pony tail, but a little more chicly. Here are 10 braid styles you can definitely do yourself -- I made sure to include looks for a variety of hair types and lengths too. Enjoy!

What's your favorite braid look?


Image via Misheru/Flickr

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laure... laurenemb

Most of these don't properly credit the source. Can you include links? I know the last on was stolen from Refinery 29 but I'm curious about some of these and not all are sourced.

the4m... the4mutts

I dont see how I could do 8 of these without help, or long hair. Only 2 look feasible to me.


I love the way braids look but I know I probably couldn't do any of these.

nonmember avatar Mrsmarnajones

They are very pretty but im all thumbs lol lucky to do a simple braid

nonmember avatar Michelle

It doesn't show how

nonmember avatar Libie

These braids r almost impossible for someone who isent a perfosinal hair dresser to do.... And they take hours to do even when u know what u r doing.... Wish they wld come up with some that u can actually do..... In a reasonable amount of time. Women who have family's and can't sit in the mirror all day playing with there hair will never be able to do braids like these ones......

nonmember avatar cindy

These are all rlly cute styles but most people cant french braid like me I can French braid just not my own hair and I don't have all day to just sit in a mirror to do hair.... Thats mainly my only problem

Amanda Collopy

very simple, i woul help any person who needed help with theese types the first one of corse is a upside down braid with bun you need really long hair tho

nonmember avatar eternal

Idk what them things are but they ain't braids.way too messy to be them only one i think was cute was #3 the rest suck.

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