10 Celebrity Moms With Smoking Hot Abs (PHOTOS)

Lisa RinnaI really don't mean to ruin your day or anything -- but you've just gotta see these celebrity moms with abs flatter than a pancake. You know that whole "I've had a baby and that's why I'll never have a six-pack again" excuse for having a little extra flubber around the middle?

Yeah, apparently that's just a fancy way of saying, "I don't have a personal trainer or chef -- nor the time, effort, and willpower it takes to make my stomach look perfect in a bikini."

That being said, it's still hard not to feel a twinge of jealousy after checking out these sexy mamas with insanely hot bods.

Take a look at these photos to see 10 of the flattest abs in Hollywood -- all belonging to women who've had babies.


Image via Splash

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linzemae linzemae

Katie, bethenny and kelly need to gain a bit of weight imo. Also, miranda Kerr doesnt work for vs anymore

caral... caralicious

I had to click on this article just to confirm Mary wrote it. You need help woman.

nonmember avatar Mara

Cara, I did the same thing! Poor Mary... so jealous.

nonmember avatar kobrakai7474

Gwen Stafani?! Really?! Anybody can have nice abs if they spend enough money on enough plastic surgeons. Take a look at a picture of her from her early days with No Doubt. Any picture will do since she ALWAYS showed her belly back then. That was long before any children and when she was allegedly very fit, and to be honest, her abs were non-existent because she had a belly. Only after she met Gavin and got too big (and too rich) to stay with No Doubt did her belly magically transform into the rock hard abs you see today. It had nothing to do with hard work or good genetics. It was about having great doctors.

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