10 Celebrity Moms With Smoking Hot Abs (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Jul 18, 2013 Beauty & Style

Lisa RinnaI really don't mean to ruin your day or anything -- but you've just gotta see these celebrity moms with abs flatter than a pancake. You know that whole "I've had a baby and that's why I'll never have a six-pack again" excuse for having a little extra flubber around the middle?

Yeah, apparently that's just a fancy way of saying, "I don't have a personal trainer or chef -- nor the time, effort, and willpower it takes to make my stomach look perfect in a bikini."

That being said, it's still hard not to feel a twinge of jealousy after checking out these sexy mamas with insanely hot bods.

Take a look at these photos to see 10 of the flattest abs in Hollywood -- all belonging to women who've had babies.


Image via Splash

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