How to Save Money on that Expensive Hair Dye Job in the Salon

hair dyeInstead of asking, "Does she color her hair at home or doesn't she?" what we should be asking is, "Does she spend a fortune on that dye job -- or does she know the trick to saving at the salon?"

Because while most women can eventually find a stylist who offers a good cut at a decent rate, getting our hair colored is where we tend to really rack up the costs.


But beauty and style expert Andy Paige says that when you want to cut hair care costs, simply extend the time you spend between professional color sessions by touching up roots at home with drugstore kits.

"I go in for professional corrections three times a year, and then use at-home kits in between -- and that saves me $1,000 year,” she says. "It's easy. Home kits have become so goof-proof that it's ridiculous to not at least try."

She says women should go to the salon to get their hair dyed but every six to eight weeks is excessive -- and a serious hit to your budget. If you can even stretch the professional jobs to every 12 weeks instead, you'll save a lot -- and you can do the maintenance yourself between visits.

Paige also recommends booking an appointment at a hair academy, such as Paul Mitchell or Aveda, where you can find great service at a huge discount. Just be prepared for the session to take more time and to go in with a sure vision of what you want accomplished.

“If you’re willing to spend the time and energy, you can definitely cut your salon cost in half, if not more,” she says.

How do you save money when it comes to your hair?

This post was written by Lesley Kennedy, the senior managing editor at coupon and money-saving site

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