Women Reveal the 1 Beauty Routine They've Given Up

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It's astonishing the amount of beauty routine most women go through. I don't think men even have the slightest idea of all of the crap we put ourselves through! But some women are beginning to say, "Enough!" and chuck certain beauty routine staples. One woman admits that she stopped shaving -- entirely. She no longer shaves her legs, armpits, or lady parts. Paloma Goni wrote in The Huffington Post:

Women have hair on their legs. We have hair on our armpits. And on our pubis. And in a thousand other places. We're hairy, the same as men. And that's real. A reality that women, pressured by one another, insist on hiding.

So she stopped doing it. Well, good for her. Apparently her boyfriend doesn't mind it either, because although he refused to take a pic of her hairy pits, he didn't break up with her! I decided to ask around and see if there were other routines women gave up on. Here are 10.

Teeth whitening.

One woman says she "used to buy a tube of stuff from Duane Reade" but stopped when she became pregnant and never went back to it.

Waxing eyebrows.

One woman used to do this every month, but it became too onerous, and she now does it only a couple of times a year.

Face moisturizer.

This woman says she stopped because she felt like she was "suffocating" when she put it on.


One woman began wearing "natural" deodorant when she was pregnant, and then after she had the baby, she just kind of stopped the thing entirely.

Brazilian waxes.

Says one woman, "I used to do it all the time but trimming and shaving is enough!" She concedes that her recent marriage might have made her a tad more flexible down there.

Showering on the weekends.

"What's the point?"

Anti-aging creams.

One woman stopped after reading that they contained "plastic/petro/heavy chemicals" and she doesn't feel like the expensive creams work anyway.


One woman stopped after reading this was bad for the natural chemical balance of the vajay.


One woman stopped after realizing she was spending thousands a year on trying to stay the natural aging process. She now spends that dough on educational classes and travel.

Dyeing hair.

One woman decided to suck it up and accept her grays. Kudos!

As for myself, I've stopped wearing mascara. Pretty much no matter what brand I try, I end up looking like a raccoon after a few hours.

Are there any beauty routines you refuse to do anymore?


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Heather Jones

Make up unless **I** am in the mood to wear it. Just because I'm going out somewhere and will be seen in public doesn't mean I need to be wearing makeup. On the otherhand I'm very into beauty/hygenie basics so that I do feel pretty without makeup; for example a good facial moisture-izer, combed hair, lip balm, and cuticle oil so my fingers so that my fingers look nice and clean even without being polished. 

nonmember avatar kaerae

Douching is totally unnecessary, the vag is self-cleaning. Just another product feeding on the idiotic notion that sexual parts are unclean and shameful. How stupid. What year is it?

curly... curlygirl31

Deodorant, dyeing hair, showering and shaving pits a must. Unless you are really depressed.

nonmember avatar Megz

Make up and store bought facial cleaners/toners/Moisterizers. Use to wear make up when going out, now I just don't have time/don't care. I actually feel so much more comfortable, and sometimes more pretty, with out it. All I use to wash is either hot water in the morning and at night a tiny bit of baking soda and coconut oil. A home made toner I use at night and if my face feels dry a bit more coconut oil especially around the eyes. I never ever break out anymore and my face looks so much better. Store bought stuff has way to many chemicals.

nonmember avatar Kimberly

The last time I shaved was a year ago. I feel beautiful and not depressed like curlygirl31 believes I am.

sassy... sassykat122

Hmmm... I don't shave my pits-lady parts because i feel pressured by anyone i do it for myself. Things i don't feel like doing i don't. I gave up salon hair color because i couldn't afford to spend 75 bucks with two kids. I do what makes me comfortable or makes me feel pretty. Not shaving my lady parts or pits regularly makes me feel grody but what another chick does with hers i don't care

nonmember avatar Jez

Showering and deodorant isn't for your benefit, it's for the benefit of people who might need to be in your vicinity for an extended period of time.

bills... billsfan1104

The thing I loved about chemo was I was hairless EVERYWHERE. It was the best!! I didn't shave. I miss that part.

curly... curlygirl31

Thanks Kimberly i wasnt talking about u so whatever anyways I have been depressed before and didnt feel like doing anything but crying. I didnt feel like doing my hair or make up or anything. Somethings can make you feel your not worth it.

nonmember avatar Monica

Havent shaved my legs in probably a good 2 years. My husband just got over it. I do my pits but only cause I work out so my underarms show a lot. I don't do much of the other stuff either cause I'm still in my 20's.

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