Kristen Stewart Does Something Totally Unexpected With Her Hair (PHOTO)

Kristen Stewart

In what appears to be a hot new celebrity summer trend, Kristen Stewart wore her hair in cornrows, which are a far cry from the typical relaxed style she's known for wearing on any given day of the week.

Ok, so she really only has one row of the thin braid going on, but it's still a look that's out of character for her. And while plenty of women can pull off this hairstyle perfectly and look chic while sporting it, I'm just not convinced this is a winning look for Kristen.

Don't you think it's a bit formal or constrained for her?


She looks so much better with her locks down around her shoulders instead of all tied up like that. And how is this look even comfortable? It appears to be a bit on the painful side, like it's pulling on the side of her head or something.

Kristen must have been going for an edgier look to try and make herself stand out a bit more -- which is really unnecessary in her case. Oh come on, wouldn't you agree that she manages to make an impression no matter how she dresses or whether or not she puts a ton of effort into her hair?

Why go to the added trouble of having your hair put into tight little braids if you don't have to? Even a soft, subtle braid in the back probably would've suited her a bit better.

But wait a second -- you know how your hair comes out all nice and naturally wavy after wearing it in a French braid? I wonder how Kristen's looked on the one side after taking this tiny braid out. Either she wound up with a subtle, beachy thing going on or the right side of her hair was a tangled, hot mess.

Yeah, she should probably just wear it down from now on to be on the safe side.

What do you think of the cornrow trend?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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