See How Kate Middleton's Eyebrows Have Changed Over the Years (PHOTOS)

kate middletonKate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has undergone her fair share of physical changes from the time she started dating Prince William to now. All of them have been subtle, but perhaps none quite as undetectable as her eyebrow evolution. Sounds silly, I know, but the Duchess' eyebrows are a defining feature of hers, and over the years, they have changed shape quite a bit -- but not so much that it's really obvious.

Check out Kate Middleton's eyebrow evolution. And don't be surprised if you suddenly have the urge to break out your tweezers.

Images via Splash

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nonmember avatar Lily

Her eyebrows look the same to me. In every single picture. In fact so does her hair. Lol

nonmember avatar Cass

Did you REALLY write an entire post on a woman's eyebrows?

nonmember avatar Amy

How is this news worth??!!!

doubl... doubledouble747

@ Cass- Did you really read this entire post, then COMMENT on it ? If you don't want to read it then don't. Pretty simple concept. lmao

cleig... cleigh717

Lol they look the same to me too! Who suggested such a meaningless post? Lol

mrsbovee mrsbovee

I was expecting something a touch more dramatic I guess. Such a subtle difference hardly seems worth the effort to write about.

rocky... rockyhugs35

I think #3 looked the best. Not like Kim's at all. But that's just me. I alway notice eyebrows lol it's weird.

Nicole Meade

this is what happends when you have the royal money they clean you up nice and well for public events she had too be coached from every thing the queen dont like her messing up she gets on her about it you havet too be a real lady too go out on events and be with the royals

Nicole Meade

she did have a nose job ;) thought i would say it..

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