Shoes So Comfortable I Can Wear Them Every Day

sketchers go walkI am a shoe person. Really -- aren't all women? I love shopping for everything from my everyday kicks to my dress sandals to my wedged heels. Actually -- shoes are really the only thing I truly enjoy shopping for since I have a love/hate relationship with clothing. So when I recently heard a fellow mom raving about a pair of shoes that she "lives" in -- I had to check them out.


This mom friend was making some bold claims ... saying her shoes, made by Skechers, were the "most comfortable things" she'd ever put on her feet. In fact, she said she loved them so much that she had four different pairs of the same shoe -- in different colors. And, I kid you not, just as we were having this conversation, another mom friend chimed in saying almost the same exact thing. What on earth was I missing? I wanted in!

So with some doubt (come on, is any shoe so comfortable you need four pairs of the same style?), I went to a Skechers store in search of the "Go" models. I was totally taken off-guard by how many colors and styles there were to choose from -- and what the hell was the difference between all of the different "Go" choices? I let the salesman talk -- but really, I just needed to get them on my feet and see for myself.

The first shoe I tried on was a navy pair of the Women's Skechers GOwalk. It seriously felt like I was walking on cushions ... though it probably helped that I'd just come off an hour-long commute, standing, in my not-so-comfy-but-nice shoes.

Then I tried on the Woman's Skechers On the GO -- a loafer-looking shoe. And these felt even softer to me. Actually, what really impressed me was the super soft material at the back top of the shoe -- and the fact that they were machine washable. Machine washable and they won't cut into my heel! I was sold and sold. At the Skechers store, they cost me $65, but I found out later that I could have gotten them at Kohl's for $59.

The shoes are okay-looking. I like the loafer look better than the sneaker. But really, sometimes comfort simply wins out. They got me for two pairs that day -- and I am considering going back for a third.

Do you have a pair of shoes you absolutely live in?


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