10 Styles We Think Are Hot That Our Men Think Are Not (PHOTOS)

woman applying mascaraWe've all been there ... wearing that brand-new look you feel seriously HOT in, and here comes your man to quash your currently glowing self-image with a totally ridiculous, out-of-left-field criticism, i.e., "What's with all the makeup?" or "Are you headed to an audition for Game of Thrones?" Don't worry. It's NOT you!

Unfortunately, many men struggle to wrap their heads around why we would want to sport stilettos or that funky new dress style everyone's pining after/pinning! And you know what -- who cares? Rock it anyway, woman. 

Here, ten styles our guys just don't get, but we're allowed to love anyway ...


What's a look you love that your man loathes?

Image via lovemaegan/Flickr

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