Blake Lively Flaunts Ridiculously Perfect Body in Skin-Tight Pencil Skirt (PHOTO)

blake livelyUgh. Excuse me while I find a dark corner to go hide in and cry for an hour or two. Trust me, you'll feel instantly depressed too after seeing this photo of Blake Lively at the Turbo premiere in New York City last night. Her hunky hubby, Ryan Reynolds, may be the star of the flick -- but I highly doubt anyone cared about him after catching a glimpse of his hot wife.

The slinky top. The sparkly pencil skirt. The blond locks that could easily be described as either beachy waves or sex hair. The heels. The perfect bosom. OMG. She's so stinkin' gorgeous I'm really not sure I can take it -- especially since I seem to be in the midst of some sort of early mid-life crisis right now.


At 25, Blake is truly in the prime of her life, but then again, aren't most of us? When I was her age, almost 11 years ago (yikes!) -- I was a total hottie too. (Ok, so I was nowhere near as stunning as she is, but still. I could turn a head or two.)

And even though I knew I looked good, I definitely didn't appreciate my appearance as much as I should have. (Uh-oh. I wonder what the heck I'll have to say 10 years from now when I'm 45. Fu&%.)

But had I realized that my days of living with a fabulous body and perky boobs were numbered? I probably would've worn tight skirts and low cut tops like Blake's every single day of the week. (Hindsight's 20/20.)

And that's why I just want to jump through the computer screen, run up to Blake, shake her, and tell her to LIVE, dammit! She needs to flaunt that body all over town while she still can -- and based on the fact that Ryan Reynolds has been talking babies lately, she might be running out of time.

Work it, girl. Own it. And enjoy every single minute of it. If you don't, you're really going to live to regret it in about 10 years or so.

What age were you at your hottest?


Image via Splash

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