'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska Dyes Her Hair Again -- Do You Love It or Loathe It? (PHOTO)

chelsea houskaTeen Mom Chelsea Houska went and changed her look again. Last week, the lady was sporting extra high and crispy locks; this week, she's a redhead. And as hard as you want to fight it, there's no denying this is a good look for the Teen Mom.

In case you haven't noticed, Chelsea has a penchant for changing her appearance every minute or so -- and, yes, she's been a redhead before -- but I'd like to make a plea to ol' Chelsicle right now: Keep this 'do for a while, please. It suits you well. Oh, and don't ever go blonde again, thanks.

Chelsea is one of those girls who can get away with going fairly over-the-top with her hair/makeup/clothes. As a friend of mine recently put it: "She's very pop star." Huge hair and eye makeup that's as dark and sparkly as the day is long would look flat-out ridiculous on most. But, somehow, it works on Chelsea. In fact, she looks quite adorable. But that said, the girl is not meant to be a blonde.

Houska has dyed her tresses bright blond in the past, and it just didn't work. (Sorry, but it didn't.) The tan, the eyeliner, and the sky-high bleached out locks were a little much -- even for Chelsea. But this red thing she's got going on? Yes, please.

I say hang on to this color for a while, old friend. At least for another week. Then bring the magenta or whatever else you have up your sleeve.

What do you think of Chelsea's new hair color?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Twitter

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Shandi80 Shandi80

I think she's a little too into her self but that color looks nice on her.

nonmember avatar sandy

I like it

monta... montanaemery

I just don't understand how someone who clearly is confident with her looks has such low self esteem w men. She looks great tho as always :)

Mary Long

Her hair is gonna fall out if she keeps f ing with it! But it is better than the blond!

Nikko... NikkosMommy820

i think she is prettiest woman I've ever seen...

Jeanette Hess

I Love her hair. No matter how Chelsea does her hair she is very gorgeous. Such a beautiful woman

dirty... dirtymoon

She's a hot mess and i LOVE it! She can look like she crawled out of a hole and still look beautiful. I've been wanting to do this to my hair for awhile, it looks super cute on her.

Tina Martin

that fits u to a tee!!

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