DIY Scarf Sandals: Summer Fashion You Can Make (VIDEO)

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I've been searching through Pinterest for some of this year's hottest summer fashion trends and I kept coming across these do-it-yourself scarf sandals. That's right. Stylish sandals you can make!

We all want to be dressed to impress, but do we really want to pay top dollar for sandals that we can only wear for a few months? No. We don't. We want sandals that don't break the bank but that still look fashionable. That's why I decided to take on the DIY scarf sandals and find out whether this was a Pinterest Win or a Pinterest Waste of Time (Fail).

Watch this video to see if you think DIY scarf sandals are a win or a fail!:

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Will you try to make these scarf sandals? 

Image via Kat Bouska

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Taisie Taisie

You cut your scarf in half the wrong way... you were supposed to cut it length wise, not in half, so you end up with two LONG pieces, not two short ones, and then, you would have ended up with a smaller lump between your toes, and a scarf long enough to tie behind your ankles...

You failed, not the tutorial ;) Better luck next time!

nonmember avatar aimee

well said taise

mamak... mamakatslosinit

Orrrrr...maybe the intructions I was reading failed! How about that!!

Jessica Torres

LOL! I love ya Mama Kat. Why would people want that junk on their feet I will never understand.

Taisie Taisie

Wow, I expected a more mature, less snarky response from you Mama Kat. I think maybe your embarassment is showing? This is exactly why I read multiple tutorials on a project before choosing a good one to try...

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