9 Reasons to Hate Flip-Flops

flip flopsI feel a certain way about wearing flip-flops. How would I describe that feeling ... fear and loathing, maybe? Abhorrence? Don't me wrong -- I love my bronze Havaianas. I don't judge anyone else who wears them out in public (unless we're at a formal event). And I completely understand how convenient and comfortable they are for a lot of you. Sort of. But I can't bring myself to wear them any place other than the beach or pool or shower of indefinite cleanliness. Why, you ask? Well, I could point you to this article entitled "Your Flip-Flops Are Grossing Me Out." Or I could show you in pictures.

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Polem... Polemomma2010

There is nothing wrong with flip flops.  I love them. 

This article has not merit other that somone complaining about something they don't like.  Why not talk about something you do like instead of being a complainer.

LNsMomma LNsMomma

This article should be titled "I Am Way Too Serious & Fancy for Flip-Flops and Here are My Reasons Why".

ashjo85 ashjo85

Welp. More flip flops for the rest of us! March to October, that's my footwear.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

What LNsMomma said lol......honestly...

Choco... Chocodoxies

"9 reasons I hate flip-flops" or "someone actually pays me to whine for a living". Seriously? Can we say elitist? 

For the record, I LOVE flip-flops.  I have had foot surgery and they are the only "sandal" that isn't incredilby uncomfortable. 

SaphireH SaphireH

i am not a shoe person at all so when it gets warm on goes my flip flops or i go barefoot when its permited. shoes drive me nuts and let me tell ya i hate winter when i have no choice but to wear shoes/boots so i dont freeze my toes off but they drive me bonkers and the second i get a chance off they and the socks go

LadyM... LadyMinni

I love flip-flops! And most of your flip-flop problems would be solved if you didn't wear flat ones. I know it sounds crazy but I used to have all of these (physical) problems until my sister, the Queen of Flip Flop Land, got me a pair of slightly high heeled ones. They have a little raised wedge in the back and it keeps them on my feet, they don't make that sound, and I walk quite gracefully. I adore them.


Geezus could you sound more like a Kiri rant?!NO ONE CARES!

japan... japanmommy

Lol, made me giggle. Especially your last reason. A nice light funny story

If its nice enough for flip flops in generally barefoot but they are great to have in the car if I need them

nonmember avatar Lily

Flip flops have their place. However I don't live in NYC. If I did, I don't think I'd wear flip flops outside my house.

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