Alyssa Milano Goes Braless in Bold Dress & Shows Just a Little Too Much (PHOTO)

Alyssa MilanoUhhhhh, wow. Can someone please tell me when forgoing a bra and letting your nipples stick straight out of your clothes became the trendy thing to do? I missed the memo somehow -- but based on Alyssa Milano's orange dress that she wore to promote her show, Mistresses, in New York, she's definitely privy to some fashion information I'm not aware of.

I mean -- va-va-va-VOOM! Isn't it impossible to look away from her breasts after seeing this photo? And it's not even like her nipples are subtly visible through the material. Nope. Those babies are right there in plain view, almost like she intended to show them off to the world.


And this isn't the only time Alyssa's boobs have been on display lately, as she recently posed topless on the cover of Maxim magazine. But even though the cover shot showed a lot more skin, this particular dress reveals way more of her "girls" than most of us probably expected to see.

Wait a minute -- we've seen this trend before, and it's nothing new. Remember when Jennifer Aniston's nipples took center stage on Chelsea Lately

Or how about Anne Hathaway at the Oscars this year? Man. Her nips were sticking straight out too -- though I'm not sure that was her intention. (She should've stuck with the original dress she'd picked out for the night. Just sayin'.)

Seriously, what's the deal with celebs having absolutely no qualms about exposing their nipples -- and doing so proudly?

Because I was always under the impression that visible nipples were a huge fashion no-no, which is why I've always opted for padded bras instead of the sexier, more sheer versions.

And I know that celebs going braless altogether seems to be the "in" thing right now -- but don't they know about those little pads you can get to stick in your dress so your nips don't poke out? (Apparently not.)

I'm all for going a bit of a sexier route when trying to make a lasting impression, but I'm not sure I'm ready to put my nipples out there in plain sight just yet. But maybe if this trend picks up and we start seeing it everywhere, no one will even notice anymore?

What do you make of the exposed nipple trend?


Image via Splash

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