Take a Peek Inside Real Women’s Purses -- You Won’t Believe What They’re Hiding! (PHOTOS)

purseCall me a nosy Parker, but one of my favorite things to do is rummage through my BFF's purse and seeing what fun new items she has in there, especially in the lipstick arena. Not only does she always have great beauty products to, er, borrow, I find it fascinating to see what other women carry around with them on a daily basis. (I'll never understand how guys can get through life with one tiny little wallet!) To satisfy my inner Peeping Tom, I asked some of my CafeMom colleagues to let me have a virtual peek inside their purses. But to be fair, I'll go first!

The interesting question is ... What do you think you can tell about a woman by what she carries in her purse?

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caral... caralicious

How come nobodys purse has garbage in it?  My purse is filled with garbage and change lol

MamaJael MamaJael

I call bullshit. There is no way in hell sixteen mothers just happened to have nice, clean, orderly purses. Now, if there's been a couple with a large handful of receipts, a pacifier, a tube of deodorant, a utility bill and a pair of kid socks-- I would've believed those to be legit.

Crystal Rider

My purse is a mess, There will be several candy wrappers, loose change, a couple unused diapers, and a couple matchbox cars. Lol these are very neat and tidy. 

nonmember avatar jriley

if you read it correctly, half of them are not mothers. and i count a used tissue, gum wrappers and fitness wrappers as trash.. as well as reciepts and old unimportant papers such as old birthday invitations.

Ashfo... AshfordSmith

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nonmember avatar Ashford Smith

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