Taylor Swift's Bikini Body Is Definitely a Reason to Celebrate America (PHOTO)

Taylor SwiftLove her or hate her, there's no denying it. Taylor Swift looks unbelievable in a bathing suit. The 22-year-old inveterately in love/hate pop star posted a few photos to her blog from her Fourth of July party at her $17 million house in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, and I've gotta say, I'm damn impressed. Somehow, Taylor manages to look both sexy and adorable in the red and white bikini she's rocking.

And man, Taylor's Fourth seemed really, really fun. Hook a sister up with an invite next year, Swifty?


According to photos, Taylor's Fourth of July consisted of jumping up and down in a bikini, lighting sparklers, painting her face, and taking a nap. Hey, that actually sounds a lot like my 1-year-old daughter's Fourth of July! Babies and Taylor Swift have the best lives.

Glad to see Taylor and her family and friends had a fun time on Independence Day. And yowza, talk about a hot bikini bod. Lookin' good, Swift!

What do you think of Taylor Swift?


Image via Taylor Swift

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