Reese Witherspoon's Sexy Swimsuit Couldn't Possibly Be More Perfect for Moms (PHOTO)

Ninreese witherspoone months after giving birth, and a few weeks after a drunken arrest, Reese Witherspoon hit the beach for the 4th of July. The actress looked fantastic and stylish, frolicking around in the sand. Partly because, let's get real here, Reese looks good; partly because she's rich and rich people just frolic well; and partly because she chose the absolute most perfect swimsuit for any woman who's just given birth -- or any woman who just doesn't feel like having her stomach on display.

No, Reese didn't wear a one-piece. She wore a tankini. But not just any tankini. A super sexy tankini with a strapless, sweetheart neckline. I never thought of myself as a tankini lady in the past, but Reese has me seriously considering switching swimsuit teams. Obsessed.


Let's get real here for a minute. Sometimes, tankinis, like all bathing suits, can look a little cheesy. But the one Reese is wearing truly is sexy and incredibly flattering. Like I said, I love the strapless neckline, and the black with white polka dots is kinda fun, but not too much fun. Reese still very much looks like a lady.

So, whether you're pregnant, just had a baby, or simply just housed a Chipotle burrito with all the fixins, I say a tankini is the way to go. A tankini like Reese's. It really doesn't get much more adorable than this.

Also, because I'm feeling nice, I'm going to save you a little Internet search work. Here's a swimsuit similar to Reese's from Ann Taylor for $64.99. Now go on, you. Off to the beach you go!


What kind of bathing suit do you wear?


Image via Splash

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