7 Pairs of Shoes in My Closet I Will NEVER Ever Wear (PHOTOS)

shoesI tend to be a little overly optimistic when I buy shoes. Either that, or I slip into a walking coma half the time and buy shoes for some other, much more glamorous version of myself. A version that is about two inches shorter, doesn't have creaky knees, and is impervious to pain. That's not to say I don't own and wear high heels and impractical footwear. I do. Though I tend to be found in cute but practical shoes most of them time, I really can walk in high heels! But these particular shoes, for whatever reason, are just truly unwearable. And yet, I keep them. I suppose hope really does spring eternal ...

Do you own shoes you can't actually walk in?

  • Sexy Secretary Heels


    I splurged on these gorgeous Michael Kors heels for a job interview about six years ago. I put them on a block away from the interview, took them off as soon as I could, and never wore them again. But for some reason I keep thinking I just MIGHT.

  • Sleek and Sophisticated


    My BFF Amy gave me these shoes several years ago because she said she couldn't wear them. The only problem? Neither can I! Something about them is just so wobbly and precarious. But they're so cute!

  • Grecian Goddess


    WAHHHH! That's what I want to say whenever I dig out these Nine West heels that I bought myself for my birthday about three years ago. I love everything about them, from the matte gold leather to the strappy design. Alas, the one time I wore them out for an evening, I ended up walking many blocks barefoot in NYC because I felt I'd rather take my chances with tetanus and broken glass than keep them on for another second. There's really no hope. Sigh.

  • But They're Flats!


    Aha! Tricked you! You thought my foolishness only extended to sky-high heels. These flats are so cute, and as they're Aerosoles, they would be super comfy ... if they weren't too small! They're just, like, BARELY too small though, so every once in a while, I try to wear them because I think they're so cute. What a dope I am.

  • For Admiring Only


    There is absolutely NO WAY I could ever wear these, even to a costume party, because they are, plain and simple, too small. Like, Cinderella's stepsister trying to squeeze her foot into the glass slipper small. However. I am awfully fond of them because they were a college graduation gift from a great friend, and they remind me of a time when I was the kind of girl for whom people thought totally beautiful yet impractical shoes were the perfect college graduation gift.

  • So Close, Yet ...


    J'adore these pretty Lela Rose for Payless shoes. They are a perfect color, the detailing is divine, and they look much more expensive on than they were in the store. And yet ... something about them just doesn't work for me when I try to, you know, walk in them. I think they're a little bit too big, so I keep thinking I'll try those pad things you stick in your heels to make shoes fit better. But of course, I never actually do!

  • Red Hot


    I LOVE THESE SHOES. I feel like Jessica Rabbit in these gorgeous babies, but I can barely toddle my way out of my bedroom wearing them, let alone down the stairs and out into the world. I'm crazy to keep them in my closet ... right?

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