Kristen Stewart’s Insanely Short Shorts Give Miley Cyrus a Run for Her Money (PHOTO)

kristen stewart robert pattinsonAttending a couture fashion show is one way to lick your wounds. Kristen Stewart was in Paris over the weekend for the Chanel show and sat front row dressed in head to toe Chanel. In a long white, buttoned-up blazer and ridiculously short shorts, the Twilight actress was business on top, party on the bottom.

Her black leather bootie shorts are just barely visible and do an excellent job at showing off KStew's enviable legs. She paired the look with small leather gloves, an arm band, pointy-toed black heels, and smoky eye makeup. In classic Kristen form, her hair was swept back in a voluminous yet casual updo.

Ms. Stewart really loves her some short shorts -- she's consistently spotted in her black denim cutoffs and her stone-washed jean shorts. She's even worn barely-there shorts on the red carpet; this Erdem outfit that she donned for the On the Road premiere turned more than just a few heads.

Kristen's not the only one who loves a small pair of shorts. Miley Cyrus can't get enough of the trend. Girl's shorts are so tiny you can see almost everything.

After the Chanel show, Kristen threw on jeans, a t-shirt, and some glasses for her trip back to the states.

Flying in short shorts is too uncomfortable, even for Kristen.

Do you like short shorts?


Photo via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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You really think those are "insanely short shorts"? I've seen skirts shorter.That girl may have long legs it's just too bad she doesn't know how to stand on them.What an awkward stance.

Trina_ Trina_

Everything Kristen Stewart is in comes out awkward looking, whether its a movie or even a simple photoshoot. Shes not ugly by any means but shes just not very photogenic and shes always looks uncomfortable. Maybe she should have taken a different career path...

nonmember avatar guest

She looks good. She's a 23 year old young woman who has admitted that she has never been comfortable with being sexy. I like that she has the grace to live her life as best that she can considering the spotlight that follows her. You don't hear about her partying, getting drunk, doing drugs, exposing body parts that shouldn't or hanging out at the typical hollywood nightspot. I applaud Kristen for moving on and staying strong.

nonmember avatar Jeramie Brimmer

Kirsten looks amazing and hot! Awesome Kirsten!

Becky Rivera

I agree that she looks awesome! 

nonmember avatar P. Ghómez

I think she looks A-mazing and classy. She's showing her awesome legs and only her legs, despite Miley who always shows a little too much.

Leticia Parsels

omg!!!!! i think she looks so hot .....and i mean in a very good way...i love kristen...i wish i could meet her. she is my idol. she could be wearing jeans with hole some chucks and some ole t and she would look just as sexy to me and everyone else who saw her... i love kristen..or maybe i mean "lust"

nonmember avatar nikki

Kristen is a natural person n not afraid to show it! She knows her flaws of herself and her life.

Eowyn375 Eowyn375

Kristen is real and kudos to her for staying strong, after all scum bag is only blinded by the splendor of been on a date with Elvis grandaugther, not the grandaughter but ELVIS, what a jerk. She changes boyfriends as she changes shoes.


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