Men Hate Wedge Shoes So Does That Mean We Should Toss Them?

wedge shoeLet me ask you a question -- how many pairs of wedge shoes do you own? At least two or three, right? I don't know what it is about the wedge that we gals can't resist, but as soon as summer rolls around, we can't wait to bust 'em out of the back of the closet and hit the town.

But as cute and stylish as we think they are, according to a new poll, wedges are the shoe men find least attractive on women -- beating out Crocs, Uggs, moccasins, and even Mary Janes. (WTF?)


Wanna know what came in last place on the list? Sneakers. Yep. Our dudes prefer to see us in tennies than they do in super-sexy wedges in all sorts of fun colors.

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What's up with that? I mean, I'd love for the men who were surveyed to explain how, exactly, they find sneakers hotter on a woman than wedges. (Maybe they associate athletic shoes with girls who work out?) Sure, there are some wedges that are all sorts of freaky and hideous looking, so I guess we can kind of understand where they're coming from. But there are some pretty cute styles too -- so what gives?

Huh. I guess we should see this as good news, mainly because wedges aren't exactly the most comfortable shoe on the market, especially if you're headed somewhere that requires a lot of walking. But they are a favorable alternative to heels, since they're more stable, so that's why a lot of us are drawn to them in the summer when picking out footwear to go with whatever we're wearing.

And I think it's safe to say that most of us feel pretty hot and sexy in our wedges, so we should just keep on wearing them and not give a flying fig about what the men think of the way they look. They aren't the ones who have to walk in them, so who cares whether or not they find them attractive? Besides, it's not like most of them are paying that much attention to our feet anyway. Come on -- can you really picture a guy not approaching a woman in a bar simply because he hates her shoes? (I highly doubt it.)

Do you wear wedges?


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