2 Fixes for Embarrassing Fake Tanning Mishaps

'Tis the season for fake tanner! But, alas, even the most skilled self-fake-bakers make mistakes sometimes (and the rest of us, like me, make them a lot!). What's a girl seeking a healthy, non-skin-cancer threatening, sun-kissed glow to do? Other than, of course, hide inside until those awkward looking streaks and orange palms fade away?

Just fix it up! Thankfully, self-tanner is not permanent ink, so you have leeway. Here are the only two tips you really need to know to turn your splotchy self into a golden goddess:

1. Exfoliate or buff away the mistakes.

A product like Model Co. Tan Remover-Exfoliating Scrub is a great choice for scrubbing fake tanner off of your hands. It does work all over your body if you really just want to try and wash away all the tanner. ($22.50 at BeautyBar.com) 

Bronze BufferOr, if you want to fix up some bad patches, try the Bronze Buffer. A new product created by a former beauty editor, this little baby is made to not only help you prep your skin pre-faux tanning (HINT FOR NEXT TIME!), but works to erase any, shall we say ... mistakes you might have made (from streaks to application mishaps to color buildup). It's basically a soft, cushiony sponge (with no additives). Add a little water, and it has just the right amount of abrasion to remove unwanted self-tanner, and help blend in streaks and splotches. You can use it on trouble spots like elbows and ankles, and use the pointy edges to get between your toes. ($10 for a pack of two at BronzeBuffer.com)

2. Blend it all in.

Victoria's Secret Instant BronzingThis is a good step for when you've done as much buffing as you can do, but things are still a little splotchy. For your body, go for a product like Victoria's Secret Instant Bronzing Tinted Shimmer Lotion. It'll help both moisturize your skin (which makes it look better already) and blur the imperfections with the tint. ($15 at Victoria's Secret) 

Nars Illuminator is a beautiful product for your face that will brighten up your complexion and smooth out imperfections. ($30 at Sephora) Follow it with a little translucent powder a few brushes of your favorite bronzer and you should be all blended in!

Do you "fake bake"?


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LeeshaE LeeshaE

Duh you can fix self tanner mistakes with household items, lemon juice, tooth paste, and for really bad goofs hand sanitizer. Don't waste your money on expensive products that probably don't work.

nonmember avatar Shandeigh

My sister and I used SOS pads on our hands after a mishap before prom. Scrubbed the orange off perfectly!

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