2 Fixes for Embarrassing Fake Tanning Mishaps

'Tis the season for fake tanner! But, alas, even the most skilled self-fake-bakers make mistakes sometimes (and the rest of us, like me, make them a lot!). What's a girl seeking a healthy, non-skin-cancer threatening, sun-kissed glow to do? Other than, of course, hide inside until those awkward looking streaks and orange palms fade away?

Just fix it up! Thankfully, self-tanner is not permanent ink, so you have leeway. Here are the only two tips you really need to know to turn your splotchy self into a golden goddess:


1. Exfoliate or buff away the mistakes.

A product like Model Co. Tan Remover-Exfoliating Scrub is a great choice for scrubbing fake tanner off of your hands. It does work all over your body if you really just want to try and wash away all the tanner. ($22.50 at BeautyBar.com) 

Bronze BufferOr, if you want to fix up some bad patches, try the Bronze Buffer. A new product created by a former beauty editor, this little baby is made to not only help you prep your skin pre-faux tanning (HINT FOR NEXT TIME!), but works to erase any, shall we say ... mistakes you might have made (from streaks to application mishaps to color buildup). It's basically a soft, cushiony sponge (with no additives). Add a little water, and it has just the right amount of abrasion to remove unwanted self-tanner, and help blend in streaks and splotches. You can use it on trouble spots like elbows and ankles, and use the pointy edges to get between your toes. ($10 for a pack of two at BronzeBuffer.com)

2. Blend it all in.

Victoria's Secret Instant BronzingThis is a good step for when you've done as much buffing as you can do, but things are still a little splotchy. For your body, go for a product like Victoria's Secret Instant Bronzing Tinted Shimmer Lotion. It'll help both moisturize your skin (which makes it look better already) and blur the imperfections with the tint. ($15 at Victoria's Secret) 

Nars Illuminator is a beautiful product for your face that will brighten up your complexion and smooth out imperfections. ($30 at Sephora) Follow it with a little translucent powder a few brushes of your favorite bronzer and you should be all blended in!

Do you "fake bake"?


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