Princess Diana's 'Revenge Dress' Was the Best Way to Get Even With Prince Charles

princess dianaOne of Princess Diana's most epic style moments was when she stepped out in the now-famous tight, black off-the-shoulder dress by Christina Stambolian. The one she paired with sheer, black tights, pumps, and a pearl and jewel choker. She stunned in it. Looking back, the outfit is quintessential '80s, but there's no denying -- that dress fit Diana like a glove. And there's a reason for that. As it turns out, Princess Diana's LBD was actually a "revenge dress" on Prince Charles after their split.

Well-played, Lady Di. Well-played indeed.


Diana wore the dress in 1994 to a Vanity Fair party at the Serpentine Gallery. The event wasn't long after Charles admitted to cheating on Diana during a two-and-a-half-hour TV interview. When Princess Diana stepped out in the dress, which, apparently, had been in her closet for quite some time, it was almost impossible to feel sorry for her. It, quite literally, was show-stopping. And it was a slight -- sexy -- deviation from the more modest clothes we were used to seeing her in. As Hal Rubenstein, InStyle's fashion director, said: "Diana had bought this dress while she was still Princess of Wales, and she felt it was too sexy. But after her separation from Prince Charles, and after the fairytale crashed ... Well, out came the dress and the highest shoes she could find. And who wound up on the front page the next day? It was Diana, rocking out."

An awesome fashion moment if there ever was one. Poor Princess Diana must have been staring longingly at that gorgeous black dress in her closet for god knows how long. She had to have been desperate to wear it after trying it on and seeing that it looked like that on her. But she debuted it at the perfect time. When you see a woman looking this good, you don't focus on her sorrows. The only thing that comes to mind is: Wow.

Diana certainly isn't the first scorned woman to get even by looking good -- and she obviously won't be the last. But we are hard-pressed to find a better "revenge" dress than this. Ladies, take a page from this book. Diana did it right

Do you love Princess Diana's little black dress?


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