Jennifer Lawrence’s Half Skirt, Half Jegging Ensemble Is Really Weird (PHOTO)

jennifer lawrenceIt's a well known fact that Jennifer Lawrence looks good in everything. From jumpsuits to ball gowns to blue paint, the Hunger Games star and Oscar winner rarely takes a fashion misstep. But that winning streak may have juuuust come to an end ... J. Law's Christian Dior Couture fashion show outfit is a little, um, weirdsies.


Half flowy black skirt, half printed jegging, her pants are more than a little confusing. It's like that pair that Miley Cyrus wore -- half sweatpants, half jeans -- are trousers with an identity crisis the new black?

And that furry pink crop-top ... hmm. It's like a perverted sock-hop blouse from the '50s.

Granted, her outfit is the ultimate in high-fashion Dior, but does the label make the insanity excusable? Depends on who you ask. Fashion people? Yes. Your mom? No.

Somehow, though, Jennifer manages to pull it all off. Who knows if it's the killer sunglasses or her take-no-prisoners stance, but she doesn't look as crazy as, say, you'd look in this getup.

Conclusion: ba-bam! Jennifer's still got it.

Do you like her outfit?


Photo via Getty

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