'RHOM' Joanna Krupa Gets Married in the Most Insane Wedding Dress (PHOTOS)

joanna krupaThe gorgeous Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa wed her long-time boyfriend, Romain Zago, recently, and let me just tell you: She looked absolutely stunning on her big day. I mean, the woman's a professional model, so it's not like it takes much to make her look good, but Christ, she looked like she was plucked from a (sexy) story book.

As you can see, Joanna went for a dress that was short in the front and long (really long) in the back. But the amazing part about this gown is that it either has a detachable train or can bustle like no other dress I've seen. During the reception, Joanna wore only the "short" part. And it's awesome. Check out the wedding dress goodness:


joanna krupa

Gorgeous. Love that Joanna went for the "short" version for the reception. The train to her dress was breathtaking, but I have no idea how the hell you'd dance in that thing.

What do you think of Joanna's dress?


Images via Bravo

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