Gwen Stefani's Abs Are So Flat & Amazing, You'll Weep (PHOTO)


Gwen StefaniI'd like to go ahead and apologize in advance for ruining your day, but you've just gotta see Gwen Stefani's abs -- because they're beyond ridiculous.

Um, are you believing this photo of her? No, it's not an old one. It was taken over the weekend while she was out and about in Long Beach, California, with her two sons, Zuma and Kingston. Oh yeah, that's right -- she has two kids. And she's 43. And her abs resemble the insanely flat stomach of a 19-year-old with the world's fastest metabolism.

Please excuse me while I go hide in my closet with a bag of Cheetos and attempt to console myself. (Ok, so I'm bringing a box of cookies in there with me too. Don't judge.)

Either that, or maybe I should start spending eight hours a day in the gym, or swear off carbs, sugar, and booze for the rest of my life -- or do both and hope I somehow wind up with washboard abs too. (Nah, that'll never happen.)

OMG. How in the heck does Gwen have a stomach like that after having two kids? And on top of that -- does she realize what she's done by showing off her six-pack? She's basically proven that the "I've had babies" excuse is a total crock of sh*&, because if she managed to get her bod in that good of shape post-kiddos, the rest of us should be perfectly capable of doing the same. Yep -- we're all a bunch of lazy-butts. Period.

There's no way Gwen woke up one day after having children and suddenly looked that amazing, so it's clear she put in a ton of hard work and sacrifice to achieve those results. Or maybe she really is just a freak of nature and has always had great abs and always will. (So unfair.)

Yeah, that must be it -- it's her genes combined with whatever diet and exercise plan she's sticking to. Which means that even if we starting doing her exact workouts and cut out everything delicious from our meals, we still probably won't wind up with bellies that perfectly flat.

Who wants Cheetos and cookies? I'm willing to share.

How do you think Gwen got those abs?!?


Image via Splash

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caral... caralicious

Why is it that I only have to read half of an article before I realize its a Mary post? Everything you post is either catty or bitchy in some way. While your in the closet with your cheetos and cookies instead of thinking about your stomach like the rest of us "lazy butts" maybe you should think about how you portray yourself instead afterall true beauty comes from within ;)

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