9 Worst Tattoos of All Time (PHOTOS)

tattooI have always thought tattoos were cool. I remember when all of my friends were getting them. One opted for Tweety Bird. Another had a dolphin jumping into her belly button. Then there was my pal who asked for a Chinese water lily on the small of her back, but I swear it looked more like a marijuana leaf. As the years have gone by, they have each grown to regret their ink. I'm sure they're not alone. Check out this collection of weird, wacky, and foolish tattoos

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nonmember avatar April

I like some of these lol. Like the creature that looks like its coming out of the guys back. On the other hand, the girl who has the to do list...who would even think of that. That's ridiculous!

nonmember avatar Blush

I believe the "weird bird" is a creature from the movie Labyrinth.

Stephanie Anne-Marie Mcdaniel

i beleive the to do list was the womans daughters last note or something of the sort before she died...

Happy... Happydad73

These tattoos don't even come close to being the worst.

Jespren Jespren

I have to agree with Happydad73 there, weird, strange, freaky, but no where near 'the worst'.

Rando... Randomlady

just because they are tattoos that you wouldn't have gotten yourself doesn't make them bad. Most of these are tasteful tattoos that have some sort of meaning to the wearer.

nonmember avatar HoustonMonkey

The "wierd bird" is a Chilly Down from Labyrinth.

Keegan Cochran

Weird Al looks like it was his autograph and the guy wanted it to be perm!

Lindy Gregory

This author is always soooo opinionated, and sadly so many of her opinions suck. There are definitely so many tattoos out there that actually are crappy, these ones however, are NOT. And obviously your life as a child sucked.....The bird is from The Labyrinth. Even my 6 year old knows that.

Erin Butcher

i don't think there is anything wrong with any of these!  at least they are decently done...it could be FAR worse.  ive seen some insanely horrible tattoos myself and these don't even come close.  they may not be something i would get for myself, but hey, to each their own! 

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