9 Worst Tattoos of All Time (PHOTOS)

tattooI have always thought tattoos were cool. I remember when all of my friends were getting them. One opted for Tweety Bird. Another had a dolphin jumping into her belly button. Then there was my pal who asked for a Chinese water lily on the small of her back, but I swear it looked more like a marijuana leaf. As the years have gone by, they have each grown to regret their ink. I'm sure they're not alone. Check out this collection of weird, wacky, and foolish tattoos

  • Foolish Fan


    Image via Bradley Stemke/Flickr

    Is there any way this guy doesn't regret this? I loved Weird Al's many song spoofs in the '80s too, but come on!

  • Freaky Fowl


    Image via Joanna Bourne/Flickr

    I am a firm believer that beauty is subjective, but there is no excuse for this weird looking bird.

  • Creepy Crawlers


    Image via Trevor Ellestad/Flickr

    Just the thought of getting a trail of bugs inked into one's skin makes me itch. Especially considering there is a bed bug epidemic. Yikes!

  • Wheelie Silly Choice


    Image via Tony Alter/Flickr

    This guy must really love his Honda. But there are better ways to pay homage to your car other than putting a permanent reminder on your arm. What happens when he trades up to a Cadillac?

  • Permanent Post-It


    Image via Rob and Stephanie Levy/Flickr

    I guess a regular paper and pen just wasn't good enough for this woman. 


  • Mac Man


    Image via Terry Johnston/Flickr

    You don't even have to wonder if this guy is a Mac or PC. I love my Apple products too, but geesh!

  • Seriously Scary


    Image via Tattoo Lover/Flickr

    I hope this guy really loves this because it totally freaks the rest of us out.

  • Unnecessary Reminder


    Image via Daniel/Flickr

    Just to remind people behind you which is which?!?!

  • Speechless


    Image via S.MiRK/Flickr

    An empty text bubble? Perhaps he could fill it in with "big mistake."


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