Alyssa Milano's Topless 'Maxim' Cover Raises One Big Question (PHOTO)

Alyssa Milano MaximUhhhhh, have you seen Alyssa Milano's topless Maxim cover yet? If not, go ahead and take a long hard look -- because she looks so ridiculously amazing, you'll wonder what kind of magic potion she's sucking back these days.

She's always been gorgeous, but at 40 years old, she could probably pass for a 25-year-old based on how youthful, fit, and perky she looks.

Yes, I said perky -- because it's impossible to look at this magazine cover without staring at her breasts.


What the heck is going on with these babies? Did I mention she had a kid almost two years ago -- whom she breastfed?

Go back and look at her boobs again with that realization in mind.

Dude, can you believe how un-saggy they are? They're right at the level they're supposed to be, not even remotely headed south. And based on the fact that their size is proportionate to her petite frame and that she breastfed, somehow I'm guessing they're not fake.

So that brings us back to the question of how in the hell she managed to score a set of post-baby boobs that actually look full, supple, and not even the least bit deflated. One of three things has to be going on here. Either she's blessed with really great genes, the angle she's standing at makes her breasts stick out so they don't sag, or she's had a bit of help from the lovely photo editors at Maxim.

But whatever the case -- who cares? Alyssa should be proud of her "girls" and know that moms everywhere would absolutely kill to have our ta-tas look that awesome postpartum.

Do you think Alyssa looks better than ever?


Image via Maxim

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