Weekly Crave: A T-Shirt Dress That Looks Anything but Casual

J Crew dressI love dresses in the summer (especially now that I've solved that chaffing problem!), and this pleated silk pocket dress from J.Crew seriously makes me swooooooon. It's such a pretty take on a T-shirt dress, with a cut that looks ultra-flattering. And the color! To die for! I love the retro vibe the dress gives off with that nipped-in waist and the pleated, slightly flared skirt. You could wear this baby with heels and some gold jewelry to an evening event, or sandals and a ponytail to the grocery store.

Alas, there's only one thing wrong with it (besides that unfortunate hat) ...


It's not in my budget! At all. I don't even have any summer weddings on the agenda to justify a splurge of $225, though if YOU do, by all means, have at it. Just don't tell me about it because I'll be jealous.

In the meantime, I've scoured the web for a dress that will satisfy my T-shirt dress sweet tooth, and here's what I found:

Dorothy Perkins

Hot! I love the mesh cut-out detail on the sleeves of this orange jersey dress. Super steal! ($29 at dorothyperkins.com)

Splendid dress

This Eiffel Melange jersey dress by Splendid (one of my all-time favorite clothing brands) is more like a tank-top dress than a t-shirt, but it looks so super cool and stylish for summer. I love the sassy little pocket. (On sale! $71 at RevolveClothing)

Do you like wearing dresses?


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