Sarah Jessica Parker Makes Rare Fashion Mistake With Horrible Shiny Dress (PHOTO)

sarah jessica parkerRemember that time that Sarah Jessica Parker wore shiny stripes to a press event for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and everyone was all like, whaaa? The actress's Marc Jacobs gown looked so weird last night that it simply must be discussed. And yes, that's the red carpet reflecting off the dress and into your eyes. SJP probably sends her apologies for your retinal blindness.


It's very rare that Parker makes a fashion mistake of this magnitude -- she's generally the pinnacle of trendiness. From bird hats to summer-mom chic, the woman can pretty much pull off anything.

Anything, that is, that isn't a long-sleeved striped mirror that cuts her off at the knee. And what is with that yellow bag, too? It's like the rotten cherry on top of this poop sundae.

Best news is, though, that it'll be years before SJP wears something this bad again. If her pattern of awesome style is any indication, we're not looking at another disaster like this until 2016, 2017.

But hey, at least her hair looked great last night. Same with her son. James Wilkie's pale lavender suit and deep purple tie were killing it. Think he got ready using his mom's dress as a mirror?

Food for thought.

Do you like SJP's dress?


Photo via Neil P. Mockford/Getty

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