3 Ways to Wear Sexy Fake Lashes

fake lashesI have several girlfriends who swear by eyelash extensions, and it's definitely on my list of things to try before I die, but it just seems too expensive and a little silly for a summer that's pretty much going to revolve around my house, kid, laptop, and the pool. However! That doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of fun occasions where a va-va-voom eyelash would be just what the doctor ordered. Whether it's an evening wedding or just a casual date night, fake eyelashes really, REALLY look pretty and sexy, and there are some excellent products out there that are easy to use.

But first, my three biggest pieces of advice when it comes to experimenting with fake lashes:


1. Do NOT wait until five minutes before you're supposed to leave the house to try them on!! Trust me, I speak from experience. Practice makes perfect, and while totally do-able, they can be a little bit tricky. Feeling stressed and rushed will make the whole thing worse.

2. If you're using glue, wait for it to dry. Just a few minutes! And THEN put your mascara on. Mascara should be the last step because it blends all the lashes together.

3. Take the glue and tweezers with you. Good falsies shouldn't fall off, but as you well know, you-know-what happens. Always be prepared, that's my / the Boy Scouts' motto!

Alrighty! Ready to go for some serious eyelash batting power? Here are three ways to go:


Lancome lashesNow. A strip of false lashes never looks TOTALLY NATURAL but who cares? Au natural  isn't really what we're going for here -- you can just wash your face for that! What we're going for is gorgeous, fun, and flirty.

As part of the beautifully designed 'Show by Alber Elbaz'  collection, Lancome just released an ultra high quality pair of "featherweight" lashes exclusively for Nordstrom. Highly recommended for a not-over-the-top boost. ($35 at Nordstrom.com)

For a more revved up, sex kitten look, I love Illamasqua False Eyelashes No. 21. They come with their own glue, too. ($15 at Sephora.com). For the price, Sonia Kashuk Full Volume Eyelashes are excellent, and they too come with glue. ($4.99 at Target)


Ardell lashesThese can be a bit more of a pain in terms of application process, but it's worth it, because they can blend in better with your own lashes, should you so desire. Ardell Duralash Naturals have been voted "best" by InStyle three years in a row, and for good reason. These attach to YOUR lashes (not to your eyelids), so the effect is more subtle and "real" (ish!). You can carefully add one knot-free, pre-curled "flare" at a time (stepping back to get a view of the effect after each) until you're satisfied with your increased glam quotient. There's a somewhat cheesy but informative and helpful video on the SallyBeauty product page explaining how to apply the false lashes  -- definitely check it out! ($4.99 for a whole set at SallyBeauty.com)

You'll need a good pair of pointy tweezers, an eyelash adhesive like Ardell Lashtite Eye Lash Adhesive, some patience, and a willingness to feel extra flirty when you're done. Hubba hubba. ($4.99 at SallyBeauty.com)


Too Faced Better Than False LashesMascara with lash-extending fibers is perhaps the most realistic looking (and easiest) way to go faux, if that makes sense. One truly awesome product is the Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Extension System. It comes with an "activating base" tube and a tube that contains "flexistretch nylon fibers." Basically you start by brushing on the base mascara, then you slowly brush on the fibers (which are really lightweight and almost fluffy), then you brush on another coat of the activating mascara. This stuff really works! So cool. ($35 at TooFaced.com)

A more affordable, but still very good, option is cult favorite Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara. ($8.99 at Ulta.com)

Are you a fake eyelash fan?

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