6 Easy Summer Beauty Shortcuts


Ahhhhhhhh, summer. It's finally here. And one of the best parts of the season -- besides taking vacations and getting to spend more time with family and friends -- is being able to cut back our beauty routines a bit and live a more carefree lifestyle.

Of course, there are certain beauty rules we should never slack on for the sake of personal hygiene, but honestly, there are a few corners we can cut to make getting ready a little less hectic and stressful. Who doesn't love saving a few extra minutes each day, especially if it gives us more time for fun in the sun?


Here are 6 great summer beauty shortcuts we can all take to make the next few weeks even more enjoyable.

  1. Less makeup or no makeup -- Yes! Finally we have that natural glow we look forward to all year long, which means we can get by with just a dab or two of makeup here and there instead of piling it on. And some of us will have days where we find we don't need makeup at all -- especially if we're wearing a chic pair of sunglasses. They look better than eyeliner any day of the week.
  2. Throw on a hat -- Forget getting up early to shampoo -- put a hat on instead. After all, the sun's rays are strong, and it's essential to protect your skin, right?
  3. Ponytails every day = chic -- It's hot, and you don't need your hair around your shoulders making you sweat even more. Ponytails are super-cute and comfy; plus, they show off your beautiful face. Winning.
  4. Skip that salon trip -- Now that you're outside all the time, you can skip a highlight treatment or two and let the sun lighten up your roots naturally. Give your hair a break from all that over-processing -- it'll thank you!
  5. Sunscreen doubles as moisturizer -- We all know how important it is to keep our skin lubed up so we don't get all old and saggy. But plenty of sunscreens on the market contain moisturizers too -- so it's easy to kill two birds with one stone.
  6. Let hair air dry -- Ugh. Blowouts are such a hassle, and they're bad for your hair too. Now that it's warm out, you won't freeze by letting your hair dry naturally, and you'll give it a much needed reprieve from heat styling.

Do you cut back your beauty routine in the summer?


Image via Scott Ableman/Flickr

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