Hair Cuts: How Often Should You Really Get Them?

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Oh to be young with healthy locks!

Everyone has an opinion on this matter: How often should you get a haircut? Some say every six weeks, while others seem to have a fear of ever going for a trim. But there has to be a right answer. Lucky for us, CafeMom wilbursdaughter is a professional cosmetologist who can help shed some light on when we should shed some hair. 


How often should you cut your hair?

For short hair you should get a trim every five to six weeks to maintain your current style. Medium to long hair can go six to eight weeks depending on how short your layers are. Anything longer and you have to start back at square one. Basically, you want to come in more often when you are happy with the style and shape.

If you want to let your hair grow really long, should you still get it cut often?

When my clients say they want to grow their hair long, I suggest adding a week or two onto their normal timing. This should not exceed eight to nine weeks. That way you get your normal trims and keep a shape to your growing out locks. The most important thing do when growing your hair out is to deep treat. You should choose a treatment that helps add strength and moisture -- I have to use two separate treatments, but I only use them once a week. Pick a day that you usually stay home and apply your treatment while doing housework. Redken's treatments don't use heat and only need to be on for 10-15 minutes. Redken even has a new product that can be left in overnight called Overnight Treat...isn't that convenient? Remember your hair gets older the longer it is and maintenance is vitally important to have healthy long hair.

Great advice! Thanks wilbursdaughter! Stay tuned for more really helpful tips or ask a question below so we can answer in a future post.

How often do you cut your hair?

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