Kristen Stewart's New Tattoo Is Probably None of Our Business

Kristen StewartOh man, this is big, people. Kristen Stewart got a new tattoo. Oh yes, she did. She showed up at the Pride & Glory Tattoo Parlor in Nashville last Friday with some friends, and according to the good folks who work there, everyone in the group left with some new ink to brag about, including KStew.

But while the staff isn't shy about how great they think Kristen is, calling her a "humble and amazing soul," they are being all tight-lipped about what exactly she had tattooed on her wrist.

(Ugh. Can't they at least give us one tiny hint? You're right -- they're cool to keep it a secret, since that's what Kristen wants.)

Whatever it is, it's so small it's impossible to make out from this photo. But let's go ahead and come up with a few guesses, just for laughs.

A heart -- Even though her breakup with Robert Pattinson was incredibly sad, maybe having her heart on her wrist from now on will help her heal and move forward.

The letters "FU" -- Because KStew isn't shy about giving anyone the middle finger and doesn't give a flying fig what anyone thinks of her. (You gotta love a girl with her kind of confidence.)

Fangs -- It doesn't matter what roles she takes on down the road, she'll always be a member of the Cullen clan. Who wouldn't want a permanent reminder of the Twilight movies?

A star -- Because her future is still bright no matter what happened in her past.

Her own initials -- Because that would be so "her." She's an independent gal, in case you hadn't noticed.

Zodiac sign -- She's an Aries, so maybe that ink on her wrist is a miniature ram?

Do you have any ideas as to what Kristen's new tattoo might be?


Image via Facebook

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nonmember avatar jss232

The letters RP. LOL!

Katelyn Joyner

Peace  and serenity

Earth evolving pic sim time better this to come


Glenn Martin

It's the infinity symbol 8.

nonmember avatar gingin

The star of Pattinson shuts down slowly, and he is just the handsome and sexy Dior guy. Kristen shines like a comet in the diva’s Hollywood universe, with a difference, her overwhelming personality, spontaneity and her humility made her a goddess.

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