Meg Ryan’s Newest Face Isn’t That Bad! (PHOTO)

meg ryanThere was a time not long ago when you'd look at Meg Ryan and cringe. It was sad to see what America's sweetheart had done to her beautiful, natural face. Between the fillers and the Botox, the You've Got Mail star had turned herself into a puffy caricature, and it was a bummer. A real bummer. But! There's good news. It seems like Meg's taken a step back from her extreme plastic surgery habit.

At an Italian film festival, Meg's face looked plumped, but not, you know, insanely plumped. Hey! It's a step.


The last time we saw the actress, her face was sort of unrecognizable. Glad to see she's toned it down, even if she still has her toe in the plastic surgery pool. It's better than her whole body, at least.

The one thing Meg hasn't changed over the years, though, is her hair. She's still got that fun bob going, and hell, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The same theory would've applied to her gracefully aging face, but you can't when 'em all. At least her blond locks have stayed a familiar constant.

Do you think Meg's had too much plastic surgery?


Photo via Splash News

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