6 Celebrities Whose Fake Breasts Look Pretty Real (PHOTOS)

Nicole RichieIt's no secret that boob jobs are a dime a dozen among celebrities, though some go a little more overboard than others when it comes to upgrading their assets.

You know who I'm talking about, right? Those A-listers whose chests practically scream "breast implants" the minute you see them step onto the red carpet in a low-cut dress.

But there are a few lovely ladies who appear to have had their "girls" enhanced (whether they admit it or not) to exactly the right size -- to the point where they look so natural, you'd never guess they'd had a boob job if you hadn't seen photos of them from their flatter days.

Check out the photos below to see some of the most subtle fake boobs in Hollywood.



Image via Jason Kempin/Getty

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nonmember avatar blue

Um...Hayden Panettiere's boobs ripple at the cleavage!! You can SEE the implants. They look fake. Botched boob job fake.

Jahan Dorzada

Blake Lively's boobs actually look ridiculously fake to me.  But then again, I can tell because I am naturally large chested- I have a rare body type, at least in the US- I am a NATURAL double D (not the Victoria's Secret DD, they do extreme vanity sizing, and everyone is a DD there) but still have a small waist and hips.  In Lebanon (or other parts of the Middle East and South Asia), my bodytype is common, and women are very naturally curvy there.  I don't get why women in the US get boob jobs so much- why can't they just be happy with that they have?  Small chested women can be beautiful too.  Besides, implants NEVER look as good ad the real thing- not to sound conceited, but Blake's body doesn't even come close to what I have naturally, and I'm not even a star like her!

nonmember avatar CronutCrowd

Blake lively is so frigging hot, I wish I looked identical. I love all of her plastic surgery.

Andrea St.Clair

Gwen stefani had kids and breastfed. So .. her being larger is natural as I went from a C to a DD breastfeeding my kids... sooooo no boob job there. Same with some of the other ladies. 

Nanette Valencia

Gwen was flat as a board and got breasts before having kids

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