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6 Celebrities Whose Fake Breasts Look Pretty Real (PHOTOS)

Nicole RichieIt's no secret that boob jobs are a dime a dozen among celebrities, though some go a little more overboard than others when it comes to upgrading their assets.

You know who I'm talking about, right? Those A-listers whose chests practically scream "breast implants" the minute you see them step onto the red carpet in a low-cut dress.

But there are a few lovely ladies who appear to have had their "girls" enhanced (whether they admit it or not) to exactly the right size -- to the point where they look so natural, you'd never guess they'd had a boob job if you hadn't seen photos of them from their flatter days.

Check out the photos below to see some of the most subtle fake boobs in Hollywood.



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1Blake Lively

Blake Lively's rumored breast implants are pretty tough to attribute to anything else, based on old photos of her. Aren't they fabulous? Damn -- gorgeous boobs, and a hottie husband? Life just isn't fair.

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4Gwen Stefani

Though it's never been confirmed whether or not she had plastic surgery, Gwen Stefani's breasts do appear perkier and larger, based on old photos. But they're not too big -- which is probably why people assume they are natural.

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5Trista Sutter

After the former Bachelorette had kids, her body changed, which is why Trista Sutter had breast lift surgery to make her feel like herself again -- not because she wanted bigger boobs. (So empowering!)

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