8 Cute Summer Sandals You Can Actually Walk In (PHOTOS)

8 Cute Summer Sandals You Can Actually Walk In (PHOTOS)

DVOk ladies. I love flip flops as much as the next girl, but sometimes it's good to give those poor things a rest and step it up (Ha, get it?) in the footwear department just a teensy bit. High heel sandals and towering wedges are oh-so sexy, but, alas, I rarely wear them (only if I'm going somewhere I know I won't have to actually walk!). Luckily there are so, so many ultra cute yet ultra comfortable footwear options for summer that will show off your pedicure without giving you painful blisters or hobbling you for an entire evening.

  • Rose Gold and Baubles for Your Feet


    Image via SoleSociety.com

    These rose gold t-strap "Misha" sandals with pretty jewels are made of leather, and provide just the right amount of sole support. Plus, they'll look good with just about ANY summer outfit. ($49.95 at SoleSociety.com)

  • Born to Be Glam


    Image via Born Shoes

    White leather + cork = SEXY! I know what you're saying: "BUT THESE ARE HEELS!" Yes, yes they are ... but have you ever tried a pair of the superbly made shoes by Born? They are so, so comfortable and wearable. These "Myndy" sandals come in four different colors in addition to the "Oyster Metallic" shown here. ($140 at BornShoes.com)

  • In the Navy


    Image via Kohls

    Aerosoles shoes are designed to be cute and comfortable, and their A2 line is more of the same awesome-sauces-ness. I know wedges aren't for everyone, but these are sooo wearable and really chic -- patent Navy wedges will work with a zillion different looks. ($39.99 at Kohls.com)

  • The Greek Goddess Look


    Image via Naturalizer

    I gambled and wore my new pair of goddess-chic "Helena" Sandals by Naya on a day trip into NYC. Hours of walking in brand new shoes later, and my feet were blissfully free of blisters or soreness. Well worth the price! (On Sale! $89.99 at Naturalizer.com)

  • Sexed Up Flip Flops


    Image via Piperlime

    Dolce Vita is one of my absolute favorite shoe brands; they're consistently cutting edge and very wearable, and their DV line is more of the same. Love this the fuscia color of this sandal mixed with the polished gold metal. HOT. (On sale! $44.99 at Piperlime.com)

  • No Pedicure Required


    Image via Gap.com

    These patent perforated flats in neon orange will work with anything you'd wear flip flops with, but they'll also go with dressier ensembles. Plus they have a very slight heel, which I find more comfortable than a completely flat shoe. ($39.95 at Gap.com)

  • Click Your Heels Together


    Image via LOFT

    I only recently discovered that LOFT carries shoes (somehow this exciting fact escaped me). They have a zillon way cute sandals online right now but these Talia Low Heel Sandals, with the bright strap and the chunky gold heel, are my favorite. ($89.50 at LOFT.com)

  • Sleek and Chic: Little Black Sandals


    Image via Piperlime

    Most Nine West shoes, while gorgeous, come with at least a 3 1/2-inch heel. Luckily they can always be counted on to mix a few highly wearable designs into their collection every season, like these minimalist, sexy "Solitude" sandals in "Black Croc." A little black dress for your toes. (On sale! $49.99 at Piperlime.com)

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