Sarah Palin's Snakeskin Heels Are Undeniably Hot

Sarah PalinWhoa! Have you seen these photos of Sarah Palin's sexy snakeskin heels? Mama must have been feeling wild before appearing on Fox News on Monday, because she went all out with these babies.

And before you go picking her apart and giving her a hard time simply because she's Sarah Palin and you can't help yourself -- I want you to take something into consideration.

If this were anyone other than Sarah, would you actually think the shoes were pretty hot?

Don't lie -- you totally would. Because they really are pretty fabulous.


Again, they're snakeskin -- who doesn't love animal prints when it comes to shoes? And the little silver studs on the straps give these heels an extra edge -- not that they really need one.

Speaking of the straps, how fun are they? I'm loving that they go beyond the traditional T-strap look and go up around the ankles as well.

Paired with a fairly conservative looking black skirt and pink blouse -- these shoes really complement Sarah's outfit perfectly and bring a little flair to what could've otherwise been a pretty boring look.

But still, haters gonna hate, and you know people who loathe all things Sarah Palin-related are having a field day tearing her to shreds for wearing these things. (Wonder what they'd say if Michelle Obama turned up in a pair. Hmm.)

Based on her personality, however, I highly doubt she gives a rat's ass what anyone thinks of her shoes. 

That being said, should she keeping taking fashion risks and continue wearing funky stuff like this in the future? You betcha.

What do you think of Sarah's heels? (Not Sarah in general. Focus on her shoes.)


Image via sskennel/Flickr

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